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"Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare   to be surprised."


~ Denis Waitley.



To promote respect and protection of women, girls and children from various gender abuse;

To combat and if possible, eliminate illiteracy of women, girls and children by encouraging them to access our classes where we provide them with effective learning materials;

To teach women and girls about safe motherhood;


To enhance local capacity by providing women and youth with instructions in entrepreneurship, in social and economic development.

Gender based Violence

Listen to Her -Listen to her is a listening centre which is set up for listening and coaching to newly arrived women on the procedures to follow for benefit from basic services and accompany stressed and traumatized women to monitor and accompany those who have experienced a gender based violence to access help from appropriate services.

Education and Protection

Dewey community Centre. -A vocational training center for women and girls is in place to promote women's vocational training to ensure its empowerment through the realization of income-generating activities.

Women for action provides women and vulnerable people with access to domestic energy through learning how to make green embers (briquettes)  

Women for Action trains sewing, weaving, cooking in restaurant etc.

Social Work

Women for action has set up a team of social workers who are responsible for popular education through sensitization and mobilization on very sensitive points for the transformation or change of behaviour of the refugee population. They also do assessments on different areas